Monday, April 27, 2015

Cheerios Paper Boeing 707 Cereal Premium - Pt 1

This classic mid-size, long range, four engine jetliner was produced by Boeing from 1958-79 and was Boeing's first jet airliner. It is often credited with ushering in the jet age and was a staple of airlines for many years. Although Pan Am was the first airline to order 707's, American Airlines was the first airline to offer coast-to-coast jet service with its 707's beginning in 1959. Its sleek lines and attractive livery was a natural for toy companies and Marx offered the jets in it's various airport/jetport playsets.

Our model was culled from the back of a Cheerios cereal box but because I don't have the entire box I can't be certain when it was offered. It's sure to have been the very early years of 707's in American Airlines service. The plane is meant to be assembled as a glider toy but of course I couldn't let that happen :-) 

When cut directly from the box, the wing undersides have no detail and the engines only have detail on one side, so here's how I built mine.

The first step was to scan the art and save a cropped version.

By doing that the image itself is enlarged a little.

One of the pitfalls of scanning and then printing on home systems is the loss of true color. I know there's a way to tweek color management settings but I haven't figured that stuff out yet. The printed versions are more blue than the original artwork. I'm okay with that.

Next, the .jpg was inserted into a Word document, then the image was copied and pasted just below the original. Next, the copied image was flipped horizontally. By doing this, the engine pods would print as 'left' and 'right' sides. It would also provide a top and bottom side to both wings

Next installment will be the build. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

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