Thursday, January 7, 2016

Las Vegas ,Nevada 7 January 2016 Bird & European Starlings Pictures

Las Vegas,NV Little Cute Bird (Yellow Rumped Warbler) but this Picture he looks Grumpy Funny Little Bird .The Starling are Beautiful Love The Color Enjoy the Photos tken by Bettina Berg Greeting von uns beiden Opa Fritz & Oma Bettina :) Enjoy :)


  1. Never seen that Warbler Ed. It would cause a sensation here among the twitchers! I do like Starlings and their cheeky ways. The plumage can look quite metallic. Are they rare in the US? Beautiful shots guys!

    1. Ya know it's funny Woodsy, growing up I would never, ever have considered myself a 'bird watcher' - that would have been way too nerdy. But then...
      when Bettina started getting interested in photography and taking pictures out in the yard and we both started seeing so doggone many varieties, well I guess the bird bug caught us both :-)

    2. P.S. Many Thanx Woodsy. The Starlings are common here Stateside but here in Vegas we only see them during migratory months. And yes, when the light hits them just right it looks like they got a coat of metallic paint!!