Saturday, January 16, 2016

Lionel 100th Anniversary #671 Turbine Knife

When Lionel celebrated their 100th Anniversary back in 2000 I was still hot-&-heavy into trains and, like a true nutso collector bought a bunch of their collectibles - the cheaper ones, the locomotives and rolling stock were way out of my league. Granted, they had some cool stuff, but in retrospect these really weren't well thought out purchases for me. Why? Well, I was more into Marx and K-Line than I was Lionel so it wasn't a real good 'fit' for me. Here we are now 16 years later and I'm beginning to take pics to sell this stuff off and hopefully you'll enjoy our look into some of the knick-knacks offered for an iconic train manufacturer's 100th birthday.

Lionel offered at least two knives, this one with graphics based on Lionel's #671 Steam Turbine engine, and a knife decorated with the superb Santa Fe F-7 diesel. Being a collector's knife, itts edge is not sharpened. When opened it measures 7 1/4" (18.41cm) L. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

Entirely uninspired packaging

 But a beautifully done tin case

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