Friday, January 29, 2016

TRAIN TIME: Resurrecting the 'Jeep Layout' - Pt 1

Back in  the late '90s I built a portable train layout for the specific purpose of taking it to local train shows. It had to fit in the rear of my Jeep Cherokee and so I called it the 'Jeep Layout'. I had a lot of fun with it for several years but then I grew disinterested in the local club scene and dropped out cold turkey. That was in 2002 and the layout lay dormant for the next twelve fourteen years. It spent most of that time in a vertical position and sandwiched between other project material until this week. Readers of the blog know I'm in de-acquisition mode and just making a concerted effort to get rid of stuff. To that end a lot of boxes and packing material has accumulated out there in The Cave as evidenced by these photos. With a few sales, giving things away to local thrift stores, and little rearranging some room opened up - just enough to get the Jeep layout out of its in-house storage mode. I love collecting toys but really did miss the trains and the fellowship of the train community. Gosh, I haven't run trains on any of my layouts for many years and I was itchin' to get back in the fold. As soon as I find some old pics of the layout I'll get them scanned so you can see what it was like in its 'heyday'. We'll just leave the narrative as is for now and get into more specifics in another post. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

Just a portion of the pile of boxes and packing material I saved in the eventuality of selling off the collection

For now, the layout rests on plastic storage bins

It'll need some dusting and cleaning but overall it's still in really good shape. The frame will probably have to be repainted - something I had already done a couple times in the past.

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