Sunday, February 7, 2016

TRAIN TIME: Resurrecting The 'Jeep Layout' - Pt 3

Work progresses on the jeep layout at a rather slow pace. The past few weeks have been busy here - culling items to photograph and sell on fleaBay or take to the local thrift shop. Also, I couldn't help but notice in the middle of all this mayhem, just how much debris has accumulated in The Cave. Guys, you'll be able to identify with this - pieces of particle board, remnants of 1x2's, 1x4's, 2x4, etc, pieces of plywood 'just big enough for the next project' I tell myself. A project which will most likely never come to fruition. So yes, I'm trying to de-clutter the joint and make room to actually move out there.

While all this is going on I've also been messin' with the resurrected jeep Layout. A lot of my train stuff is buried but some things were within reach - like the paper buildings I've been featuring here on the blog and they were the inspiration for this next phase. I took off all the structures except for the Lionel prewar water tower and replaced them with the paper building I made from B.J. George's templates. The train station was replaced with a Marx HO scale passenger shelter. Where the K-Line 'L'-shaped Ranch House used to sit is now the fire station. This 'backwoods' type of set-up was inspired by what I've seen in Big Bear, CA, up here on Mt. Charleston, and elsewhere. I believe I'm gonna like the looks of this but it still needs teaking. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

These were the buildings I put on the layout just after resurrecting it. They are not the same ones I used to place on it when I was taking the layout to train shows 14-15 years ago.

Here I've replaced the plastic with paper buildings

This 'in the woods' location for the firehouse was inspired by trips up to Mt. Charleston, a favorite tourist destination and a nice spot to go to during the hot summer months

A pedestrian's eye view

The Oscar Meyer Wienermobile has come to visit.

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