Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Wyandotte Auto Transport No. 455

I managed to break away from clearing out debris in The Cave long enough to take photos of this terrific little auto transport from Wyandotte. At 10" (25.4cm)  L x 2 1/4" %.71cm) W x 2" (5.08cm) H it's rather small for an auto carrier, but TootsieToy and Barclay both made small carriers as well. The cars = 2"L on average. When I bought this it only had three cars, the OD,green, and yellow cars. I pulled the red car from my spares box and have no clue as to whether or not it could have been included with this. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

Here it is on the 'Jeep' Layout, tucked away in the back.

The Army staff car and yellow car both have 'DPT188' on the rear license plate. Does this have any special meaning?

The green car has 'Y&.' (Wy-an-dotte - clever!) on the rear license plate. Does this mean every car that came with this truck should have 'Y&.'? These small cars were quite common and made by a number of manufacturers throughout the '50s.

No rear license plate on the red car


  1. Hi Ed...I think only the green car is 'correct' both Kent Sprecher (ToySoldierHQ) and me have blogged the cars several times so I won't bore you with links...I love the juxtaposition between tin and plastic...a really lovely truck! about that Weinermobile! Every good home should have one! Have you blogged it yet?


    1. sorry for the late reply Hugh, I'm waaaay busy out in The Cave - there's a big change comin' soon! Anywho, I kind of figured the green car was the correct one, and it's okay if you 'bore' me with the links :-)

      Yes, I do like the tin/plastic mix as well and the relatively small size.

      As for the Wienermobile, it hasn't been blogged yet - it's in the queue