Monday, July 4, 2016

K-Line #K-41932 Statue of Liberty w-Base

Today marks the rare occasion when I actually have a blog post prepared for a major holiday. Normally the holidays just kinda sneak up on us and the day gets here and I say, "Oh Man it's (insert name of holiday)!! What'll we talk about?" - Usually nuthin' :-)  Today's' post, featuring The Statue of Liberty, celebrates Independence Day and actually ties in to a couple of other aspects of my collecting:

1 K-Line
2. Statue of Liberty toys and statues

Some years back I started collecting K-Line plastic buildings and accessories as an adjunct to my Marx collection because the early K-Line offerings were made using the original Marx molds. Through this process I ended up with three different variations of K-Line Lady Liberty's. And then during a business trip to New York in 2005 I actually saw her in person, but not up close. The company I worked for at the time hired a fishing boat and we had our company 'picnic' right on the boat as it traveled up and down the Hudson River. That ride on the Hudson was memorable for many reasons but most of all for the chance to see this iconic statue. It was terrific to see this gift from France and symbol of freedom to people everywhere, even if from a boat on the Hudson. Well, that started me collecting Lady Liberty's for awhile until I decided to just stop because there simply wasn't room for all this stuff. Since then I've begun to start selling the collection. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

The real Statue of Liberty

The K-Line Statue of Liberty was originally made from Marx tooling and consisted of only the pedestal and statue. Marx made only one version while K-Line made two statue w/pedestal versions all of which came as easy to assemble kits. K-Line's first offering came with a copper colored statue while a later release came in the weathered, verdigris green color we are all familiar with today. The last version made by K-Line was upgraded by: including the old fort (Fort Wood) base that the statue was built on; was ready made for immediate display; and had a lighted torch.

The statue as originally designed by Marx - pedestal and Lady Liberty - K-Line's upgraded design was made with more realistic coloring. It's easily removed from the base.

The upgraded K-Line version with the Statue of Liberty resting upon old Fort Wood. It measures 14" (35.56cm) H x 9" (22.86cm) wide at the base

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