Sunday, December 31, 2017

Britains (First Gear) Set No. 52007 1/32 Scale WWII German Infantry - Pt 1

The original sets of Britains Deetail German Infantry in 1/32 scale were first made in 1971 and, with two series, ended in 1989. In regards to the Britains company, I know there have been some changes over the years but quite frankly guys and gals I just don't have time to track down the info. This set was sold under the 'Britains' masthead as part of Bachmann's FIRST GEAR line and copyrighted 2014. The name is also licensed in Argentina as 'Britains DSG' (we've featured some of their Vikings here on the blog). 

This set is a mashup having two figures from the original Series 1 set and four figures from Series 2. There have been some obvious changes, like the uniform colors, but there are also a couple, more subtle changes which we'll cover. As mentioned the colors of the new offerings are darker but the plastic figure on metal base combination remains the same with the bases marked '1971' underneath. Also, the paint is glossy and sticky to the touch! Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

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