Sunday, December 19, 2010

Corgi #77322 1960s DC Comics Catmobile

Today's Sunday's Comics selection is the Corgi #77322 1960s DC Comics Catmobile and like all the others in Corgi's DC Comics line is 1/43 scale.  Ya know, I think I'm gonna make a complaint right here.  Don't know if it'll do any good (probably not) but here goes any way.  Corgi and Mattel both have put out some fine die cast Batman related cars, but has anyone else noticed that nobody puts out a set of figures to go with the cars???? Occasionally a car will have a driver figure but that's it!  Why doesn't anyone follow up with a series of stand alone figures in 1/43 (or 1/50 or 1/64 scale)??  The only stand alone super hero figures are all waaaaay too big to go well with these smaller vehicles.   It would be kinda cool to set up good guy/bad guy scenes on the layout, or make a diorama or two....

OK, 'nuff said.  Enjoy the photos!