Monday, December 13, 2010

Marx #2890 Whistling Railroad Station w/Canopy

Here's a nice little tin-litho train station for Marx Monday.  It's the Marx #2890 Whistling Railroad Station w/Canopy.  The battery is placed in the side of the building and by pressing a small button in the middle of the battery cover, a wistful, shrieky whistle emerges from its bowels.  This station too is labeled 'Union Station' but shouldn't be confused with the Marx #1430 Union Station featured in an earlier post.   Although marketed for and used by 3-rail O-gauge enthusiasts, it's so small that it may look more at home on an American Flyer S-gauge layout.  But, what is it I always say? "It's just a toy after all."  Marx made several different versions of this station all using the same stampings.  One version had a roof, another was sans roof and canopy and these two, along with today's subject, shared the same lithography.  Yet another was specifically marketed for Marx HO scale line and sported diffferent lithography.  Enjoy!


I added a heavier black border to this version so that should you want to model a Union Station of your own or are working on another project, you could print this out and have a nice substantial sign.