Friday, December 24, 2010

National Motor Museum Mint #28STFE 1928 Studebaker Fire Truck

I hope everyone is having a nice Christmas Eve.  Our little festivities don't start until the evening so I've got all day to goof around.  This being Fire Truck (or Engine) and Emergency Vehicle Friday it's time for, what else, a fire truck (DUH!).  The National Motor Museum Mint (what a mouthful) puts out a nice series of 1/32 scale die cast fire trucks.  I wish I had room for all this stuff but will have to settle on just acquiring a couple for now.  Here's one I got not too long ago, a nice 1928 Studebaker Fire Truck.  It has a lot of detail and an opening hood revealing the power plant underneath.  The front wheels also turn left and right but not though the expedient of turning the steering wheel, you simply grab the left and right tires and twist.  Enjoy!