Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Normally I take Tuesdays and Wednesdays off from blogging but I thought this would be a good time to offer up some comments left by others and some notes.   Now, all these comments have been posted and are attached to the particular post they are in reference to.

First, Dave Farquhar, a long time blogger, computer guru, and fellow toy enthusiast had this to say about the Plastic Ladder Fire Truck post on 11/06/10:

"Don't take this as gospel, but I think All Metal Products was related to Wyandotte, possibly by merger."

Later he posted an additional note regarding the same Fire Truck:

"Ed, I checked my notes, and yes, Wyandotte and All Metal Toy Products were one and the same. The company was liquidated in 1956 or 57, which was how Marx ended up with the Hafner tooling. If I had to guess, California Moulders got the mold for this truck. Getting into plastic was one of the ways Wyandotte tried to compete with Marx, but it was too little, too late."

Thanx Dave

Dave also offered this about the Wal-Mart 201 Christmas Cookie Tins:

"Typical Silver Crane quality. Hopefully they've proven popular enough (and not just with the train crowd) that we'll see more of their product next year. I like their storefront tins for populating a commercial district."

Now, this is where I'm at a loss.  'Silver Crane' apparently manufacturers more of these tin-litho cookie tins, but you see, my foray into the cookie tin collecting thing didn't start 'til fairly recently, and then only to buy tins with a European design so as to fit in with my fledgling Hornby collection.   Soooooo, that being said I'll have to be on the alert for more 'Silver Crane' products.

Next is EeeGee comment on my 'Import Pasta Tins and Idea File post of 1/9/11 may be on other reader's minds as well:

"Hey Iceman, I am always amazed at the litho tins you display after finding them on eBay. What sort of search perimeters do you use? I've tried and clearly "I'm doin it wrong" EeeGee PS - it's totally fair for you to NOT answer that question. It's sort of like asking a guy what part of the lake he finds those giant bass in and what kind of bait he's using."

Actually EeeGee, it's nothing special - two words "tin building".  I find a lot of these tins with just those two words.  I'll also use "tin station", "tin house", "tin diner".  I look in both the 'Collectibles' and 'Toys and Hobbies' categories of eBay.  But quite frankly a lot of my purchases were the result of pure dumb luck, seeing the right auction at the right time.  If you happen to know the manufacturer of the item you're looking for then add that to your search parameter.  I've also been outbid on many really cool pieces of tin - those were the 'fish that got away'!

I may have stuff, and I may take pictures, and I may put this out for all the world to see, but that doesn't mean I know everything.  It's good to know there are followers who have some of the answers and it's good to see fellow collectors on the hunt becuase that's a sign of a lively, dynamic hobby!

Many Thanx and Enjoy your day!