Saturday, October 8, 2016

Another Year and a New Look

Well, the baby is with her mommy and Oma is out in the yard and I have a minute or two to goof around, so goof around I did, with the blog layout and template. Gotta switch it up every now and again and who knows, maybe it will change again - just cuz. It was pretty much our intention when starting the blog that the photos would take front-&-center over narrative. Researching blog subjects and writing about them takes a lot of time. It's nice to be able to present information on companies, toys, or the real life prototypes many of these toys represent but we are certainly no experts and our library of collectors books isn't really all that big, so we end up doing what everyone else can do as well - look things up on the Web.

Of course, sometimes that's a fruitless quest and we understand that. But in the mean time there's always the photos to enjoy. Before we had our trouble with the computer and hard drives I used to save a LOT of photos from the Net - my way of keeping an informal catalog of toys. I'm not sure how many downloads of our photos there have been but it must be plenty (..and there's no one at Google to answer that question - Google relies on forums populated by a lot of people with questions and few with answers, as a cop-out to actually answer customer questions directly by a customer service rep). That being said, I hope you've all been able to build up your catalogs and have perhaps been intrigued enough by what you've seen to seek out answers for any questions.  Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

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