Saturday, October 8, 2016

Blog's 6th Anniversary / Blogiversary

My how flime ties (time flies) when you're having fun! TODAY is the blog's 6th Blogiversary and I am almost totally unprepared!! I designed a new masthead last month but then got sidetracked, sooooo I'm guessin' it's time to start workin' on that again. But here's our day: wake up, play with grand baby. Spend day either at work or playing with grand baby (weekends), come home from work, play with grandbaby. All these photos you see on the blog are taken and edited in the few moments of free time I have - perhaps a half hour here or maybe just ten minutes there - IF I'm not totally pooped. Bettina has the same schedule except she stays home to help with the baby. Our little grandbaby Melody is now in her terrible two's and has taken on the role of The Little Dictator doing what 2 year old's do - test boundaries and limits (that's in theiir job description). Her language skills are getting better and she talks more and more in English vs. Baby Talk, and she has this miniature nuclear reactor inside of her powering her unlimited energy aaaaarrrgh!

All that being said we enjoy the blog and the feedback we get from readers. Here's a great big


to all of our readers for staying with us over the years. I do have projects bangin' around in my head for future posts - let's hope some of them even materialize!

As always - Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

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