Sunday, October 9, 2016

Halloween Set-up - Pt 4

Okay, I've been goofing around with the classic figures from Burger King and seeing how I can fit them in to the Spooky Village set-up. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

Here's what I set up first: I call it 'the Trap'. The seemingly friendly little tree (a Kinder Surprise Egg toy) lures unsuspecting Trick-or-Treater's into the witches lair...

...but then I put BKs Dracula figure here along with all three figures from the Lemax set posted this week.

This was to be the Old Haunted Forest...

...but I took out the Styrofoam hill and placed an old MPC castle in there - hey Frankie just has to emerge from a castle, it wouldn't be right otherwise...

...however, this particular castle just isn't working for me and I'm thinking of replacing it.

A Kinder Surprise Egg ghost haunts the ramparts

The next two photos suck LOL I know that, but they're dark and haunting and what the heck...

Fur Face is lurking behind the spooky (and large) Playmobil tree

Old Fish Breath* is blocking the Mystery Machine from leaving town

*hey, I got nuthin' against fish - just bought a couple of smoked Mackerel from the Polish Deli here in town :-) which would, by definition, eventually make me, umm Old Fish Breath myself,  egads!

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