Friday, July 7, 2017

Ideal No. 2757 Army DUKW

We're interrupting our look at Pyro (again) and taking a gander at this soft plastic Army DUKW by Ideal. These were available in OD and blue and possibly other colors as well. These are of a larger scale than the Pyro vehicles we've been looking at and would work quite well alongside MPC or Andy Gard tanks and such. An MPC ring-hand driver would perfectly in the seats. Iknow, I know, I should have photographed this alongside MPC stuff but honestly I just didn't feel like digging out the other toys. I will some day. The DUKW measures 6 1/2" (16.51cm) L x 3" (7.62cm) W x 3" (7.62cm) H.

The DUKW, like the other Ideal toys we've covered recently is numbered differently than in the guidebook I have. On the toy it's "I-2757" but is numbered "4949 51-52", "4948 Silvertone (51-53)", and "4947 Sliver Star (53-55)" in PLASTIC TOYS Dimestore Dreams of the '40s & '50s. Also it is only listed as coming in olive drab. The book also states that the 'towbar' raises and lowers. After looking at the toy and looking at photos of DUKW's I can't honestly say what that front attachment actually is. None of the photos show that gizmo and to me it looks like a folded canopy. But that's not right either as the canopy on the DUKW atttached to the rear seating area over a series of metal supports and din't fold up at the front. Of course this toy may be based on a different style of landing craft I'm unfamiliar with. As time and energy permit I'll have to dig deeper into this little mystery. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

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