Thursday, July 13, 2017

Plasticraft U.S. Army Comical Truck w/o Figure

Along the road to collecting Army vehicles I managed to grab one of these Plasticraft Comical Trucks missing its driver. It doesn't appear to be broken so I'm wondering if some previous owner just didn't like the figure and removed it? Well, speculation is pointles and it is what it is. The fact remains that the truck without driver makes a pretty nice addition to the small Army vehicle fleet. At the end of the post are several pictures of it alongside a Marx Army flat car load for comparison. I found one thing that was funny - the way the stake sides surrounding the bed resemble popsicle sticks! The Army on a budget :-) Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina


  1. How interesting. In the early 50's in the UK I had this truck in light blue plastic with a white rabbit that popped up and down as the driver. The popsicle stake bed might be explained in that the load was a cellophane bag of small foil wrapped chocolate eggs. Bought at a Woolworths store at Easter!

    1. Now that is interesting. I had thought this was a bin toy - which it still may have been as some toys were sold packaged or loose in bins - because I'd never seen whatever packaging it may have come in