Thursday, November 23, 2017

Gas Tax Act Service Station Jack & Al's Standard Sevice - Pt 2 Conclusion

Well. I finally got around to building the Gas Tax Act Paper Service Station. Here's what ya get when you wake up at 5AM just so you can get a few hobby tasks done AND when you end up building kits on top of the wash machine in the garage! Actually. I was able to cut out the components at work during break times and the assembly was done atop an old piece of foam core plopped on the washer. Here's what I did:

1) Scanned the building components (two sets of walls, roof, awning/overhang)

2) Inserted scans into a Word doc

3) While in Word, I drew in tabs to aid with gluing (I've found that if tabs are omitted I occassionally cut the pieces right at the artwork's edge giving me no place to put the glue on! - DOH!)

4) Cut out the components

5) Braced the interior walls with stripwood - I use 3/16" square stripwood, it seems to be a good workable size for me

6) Glued on the roof

7) Braced the overhang with pump island as it was very flimsy. I ended up using a couple of different sizes of stripwood and had to do a little trimming to fit.

8) Glued the overhang in place on the roof.

Here's the original scans so you can make your own Service Station

There's an odd lean to the overhang

On the original, you can just see a crease below the front of the overhang in an attempt to make it look straight

I scored the cardstock just below the triangular front of the overhange and it helped to give a straighter appearance. You can see here some of the stripwood bracing - perhaps one day I'll paint the bracing, or not :-)

Here's a view of the bracing. My buildings tend to suffer the indignities of my rough handling and the bracing really does make them sturdy

While the scans were nice and bright (see the scans at the beginning of the post), the printed cardstock looked washed-out and weak looking so the finished product looks 'paler' than the original.

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