Thursday, January 11, 2018

Keystone No. 248 Fire Department

In a sense this was a case of buyer's remorse. Why? Because it was also a case of undue impatience. I wanted all three of Keystone Fire Station/Fire Department buildings so that I could review them for the blog and also to flesh out my collection of vintage Fire and Emergency toys. My impatience meant I got one in much-less-than-pristine conditon. There were condition issues I told myself I could live with - and the price was right, not too expensive. But here's the kicker. Every time I see one of these buildings up for sale they all appear to be ragged. Of course I don't look for them all the time so there's a good chance I missed out on some really nice examples. Oh well!

Keystone made one Fire Station and two Fire Department buildings. The difference lay in the number of bays each had. The smaller No. 247 Fire Station was two-bay, while the No. 248 and 251 Fire Department's were three-bay. The No. 248 version featured today had the same dowel-&-string door raising mechanism as the No. 247 featured the other day here. It also has a large siren on one end of the building. Neither of these two features work on my sample :-(   My sample has a missing door and none of the strings are attached to the dowel. The siren plunger does work and the wheel inside turns nicely but no siren-like sounds emanate from the device. Only the bell ringing device inside the building works. The building base measures 17 3/4" (45.08cm) W x 9" (22.86cm) D. The building measures 15 5/8" (39.68cm) W x 7" (17.78cm) D. It is 9" (22.86cm) H overall. Enjoy!

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