Wednesday, January 31, 2018

H-B Production 1991 6PC Flintstones Set with Pull-Back Motors - Pt 1 Fred Flintstone

I believe this year will be good for picking up loose threads. Some years back the blog was hitting  a couple of themes hot and heavy like Lord of The Rings and The Flintstones, and then I just stopped. Like falling into a well, some favored blog subjects just never showed up again. Wellll, fast forward to 2018 and I'm trying to clear out toys in The Cave and in the process uncovering forgotten treasures. These were things I meant to blog but it just never happened, so now is as good a time as any post these.

This set consists of six of the major Flintstones characters in colorful hard plastic riding Stone Age critters with pull-back motors. Made by H-B Productions in 1991 the set includes:
-Fred Flintstone (3"/7.62cm L x 2 1/4"/5.71cm H)
-Dino (2 1/2"/6.35cm L x 2 1/2"/6.35cm H )
-Pebbles (2 3/4"/6.98cm L x 2 3/8"/6.03cm H)
-Barney (3 1/4"/8.25cm L x 2 1/8"/5.39cm H)
-Betty (3"/7.62cm L x 2"/5.08cm H)
-Bamm-Bamm (3"/7.62cm L x 2"/5.08cm H)

Wilma isn't included in this set. That was one of the things that used to get me a bit riled up when I was actively collecting Flintstones toys - the omission of major characters in figure sets. Most of the time it seemed as if Betty was MIA but in this set it's Wilma who has flown the coop! Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

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