Monday, February 26, 2018

Forces of Valor (FOV) / Unimax FOV #99005 PFC Reynolds 2005

There are sooo many little details in these sculpts it's hard to pick one and highlight it but there is one little many people may overlook. Okay, for us toy figure collector's we've seen little green army men (or Knights, or Vikings, or Cowboys, or, or, or.....) painted all kinds of ways; from sloppy and haphazard to highly detailed renditions but there is one little thing that stands out and it stands out for its absence. Look at the eyes. Do you see it? Or rather, what is it you don't see? Answer: The typical and omnipresent 'dot in the middle of a field of white' eye. I had read in several articles and books on painting miniatures that at the vantage point we see our figures - the scale distances involved - if they were real people that you were looking at, you wouldn't be able to to see the white's of their eyes! (or at least you'd see very little). Among other things, that one minor attention to detail is what helps make these figures stand head-&-shoulders above the rest. Hope you've enjoyed our photo essay of the five 101st Airborne Division figures from Forces of Valor / Unimax. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina


  1. Mattel toys in India are now available as they are attracting a lot of kids who are loving them and are buying them online.

    1. Interesting, I s'pose India will be the next big collecting thing to follow on the heels of Bollywood. I have one lone toy in the collection made in India - things just don't come up too often for their products.