Saturday, November 12, 2011

AOME LOTR - Twilight Ambush at Weathertop - Comicon Edition

When Play Along's Lord of The Rings toys were released as tie-in's to Peter Jackson's movie trilogy they offered a number of exclusives and special editions. Much of the time this simply meant taking figures from the Soldiers and Scenes line and packaging them individually. Sometimes, as in the case with today's featured Toys & Stuff set, you got something a little different. For this set they packaged the same two Ringwraith's found in their 'Ringwraiths' Soldiers and Scene set (not yet featured on this blog) but included a Frodo figure in transparent plastic to simulate Frodo's 'fading' after being stabbed with a fell blade by one of the Ringwraith's. I absolutely love the sculpting of the Ringwraith figures - they simply exude nastiness and ill-intent. Mind you, these aren't very worthy traits but they sure do make for exciting toys! Enjoy!

Twilight Ambush at Weathertop: 2 Ringwraiths; Twilight Frodo Baggins
Exclusive for ComicCon Convention
Wave 2
Issued by: Art Asylum / Play Along Distribution
Assortment: 48540
Item Number: 48540
Issue Date: 2003
Issue Price: $14.99

Ringwraith 1

Ringwraith 2 

 Twilight Frodo Baggins

I took two sets of Frodo photos. The first set was against a white backdrop and the second set against a black one. Here's what the white background looked like. Ultimately though I felt the black backdrop had more visual appeal.