Sunday, November 6, 2011

H-B Productions, Inc - The Flintstones: Fred, Barney, & Dino

Remember last week when I said Wolverine would make an appearance today? I lied! Well, okay, not intentionally but it's just been too busy and I didn't get around to photographing him. I got as far as taking pics of the packaging but then my attention got diverted. Sunday Comics Sunday was always meant to feature toys which had some tie-in to the comics and certainly Super Heroes & Villains fit that bill, but it has sort of become Super Hero Sunday here on Toys & Stuff. So let's take a break from crime fighting and look at some Flintstones toys. The Flintstones started as a television cartoon airing on Prime Time television but it wasn't long before comic books and toys followed. A natural progression for a show which had become so popular. But if you're itching for Super Hero action, don't worry, I've got plenty of Super Hero toys to last us for several months of Sunday's!

When I was hot-&-heavy into collecting all things Flintstones, I happened upon these H-B (Hanna-Barbera) Productions, Inc. figures. They stand approx 4"-5" (10.2cm - 12.7cm) high and although made of a 'soft' vinyl plastic they are still quite solid - you don't want to throw these at the window :-) Having acquired only the four figures shown here, I don't know what other figures are available in the line. The Fred and Dino figures did make an appearance in my "Flintstones on The MaP" video available for viewing here:  Enjoy!

Fred - The Emcee

Hippie Barney

 Dino The Drummer

 Dino The Director