Monday, July 2, 2012

Automatic Toy Co. Air Terminal

I bought this toy a couple of years ago because it's a nice little tie-in to some of the tin-litho aircraft I have. It's an air terminal from the Automatic Toy Co. from perhaps the early to mid 1960s. I have no clue what the company's history is and haven't been able to find out anything yet. When trolling fleaBay, Automatic Toy Co. items crop up from time to time but I haven't seen another of these. Of course I don't always search for them either so probably missed it. My particular toy looks fine as is but there is definitely a piece missing from the roof - most probably a tower with a small airplane spinning around. Anywho, it's a nifty little piece. Enjoy!

Size comparison

UPDATE July 3, 2012

One of our corps of intrepid readers found this little gem on YouTube:

We now know what the complete toy looks like and its proper name:
The Automatic Toy Co. Operation Airlift

AND she found a video of another nifty Automatic Toy Co toy: the Airport Futurmatic. Fun toys from days gone by:

Here's a some more looks at Automatic Toy Company toys. Some of these toys, or toys very similar in appearance, are still being made in China and russia and can easily be found on-line attesting to their continuing charm. Schylling, a modern day manufacturer of retro tin toys makes similar stuff.

Automatic Toy Company, once located in Staten Island, NY manufactured one of their most well known toys during the early to mid-1930s. Called "Auto Speedway" it featured two clockwork racers making hairpin turns around an embossed steel litho base. The first to cross the line after a specific number of turns was the winner. It was so successful that the company produced this "Jr." version of the toy..php?id=265"