Saturday, April 6, 2013

TootsieToy 1937 Buck Rogers Venus Duo-Destroyer #MK 24 L

It was nice to take break from blogging this past week. I’m a one-deep shop here and trying to blog every day is a challenge, especially as Toys & Stuff is so photo intensive. We’re continuing our look at vintage space toys today featuring the TootsieToy 1937 Buck Rogers Venus Duo-Destroyer #MK 24 L. Buck Rogers had been America’s premier space hero debuting in a 1928 article in the magazine Amazing Stories. However, Buck would be trumped on-screen by Flash Gordon who’s first appearance was in the Universal 13-episode serial ‘Flash Gordon’ starring Buster Crabbe. In 1938 Buster Crabbe would reprise his Flash Gordon role in the 15-part serial ‘Flash Gordon’s Trip To Mars’. FINALLY, in 1939 Buck Rogers appeared in the 12-episode serial “Buck Rogers” also starring Buster Crabbe.(Buster Crabbe, a gold medal winning Olympian, would appear in so many adventure films and series that he would later be called The King of Adventure).

But while Hollywood may have been slow to capitalize on Buck Rogers, the toy companies were happily cranking out Buck Rogers ray guns, space ships, and other toys. TootsieToy’s contribution was a set of three diminutive ships which came out in 1937 and which (I believe) only cost 10cents at the time!!: 

-Venus Duo-Destroyer #MK 24 L
-Flash Blast Attack Ship #TS 310 Z
-Battlecruiser #TSDM 3030 

All three ships have small rollers in them through which one threaded string and was able to make them ‘fly’ – the longer the string, the longer the flight. Right now, all I have in my collection is the Duo-Destroyer which measures 4 ¾” (12.1cm) L x 1 7/8” (4.8cm) H x 1 ¼” (3.2cm) W. The others are similarly sized. These have become fairly pricey little suckers and it may be awhile before the other two are added to the collection. 

For TootsieToy fans check out this website, ‘A History of Pre-War Automotive Tootsietoys
by Clint Seeley edited by Robert Newson': 

The website has photos of cars, truck, airplanes, space ships, individual pieces and sets.