Sunday, August 10, 2014

Johnny Lightning 2002 #48950 1960s Batmobile

Last Sunday we posted the Johnny Lightning 1/64 scale Batboat die-cast and plastic kit. Today we're covering the companion piece, the 1960s Batmobile w/trailer hitch. This Batmobile actually came out first, back in 2002 followed the next year by the Batboat. Let's dive into the construction with notes along the way. Enjoy! Fritz and Bettina Berg

All the Johnny Lightning kits come with a screwdriver. Toss it in the garbage unless you don't have a better one. Buy a jewelers screwdriver or some other half-way decent small screwdriver. Why? The screwdriver supplied in the kit is too short to apply the necessary torque and it doesn't 'grab' the screw very well, stripping out with the least provocation

A dollop of Super Glue is enough to keep the parts in place

The interior comes unfolded and the steering wheel is pre-installed regardless of what the instructions say

There are two locator pins beneath the interior. Apply glue and place interior on chassis

Installing the trailer hitch is an option you should take!

The hood (bonnet) was a problem. The hinge was so thick - plus it had a layer of paint on it - that it took a bunch of sanding and scraping PLUS gently bending it back a little, to allow it to snug up tightly on the body

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