Monday, February 23, 2015

Barclay (BV5) #151 Army AA Gun Truck

I've picked up a few pre-war Army vehicles lately from Barclay and TootsieToy. These vehicles all came out either just before or shortly after the start of the Great Depression and I wonder if it wasn't a way to provide kids with low-cost toys because back then, many toys were simply built large. Girls played with large doll houses, boys played with large Lionel trains or Buddy L trucks and many middle-class families lived in large houses with parlors that were perfect for playing with large toys. That's not to say all toys were big. West Bros made small tin-litho buildings as containers for their line of candy, Cracker Jack had tiny toys in their caramel popcorn boxes and then there was the German 'penny toys' - small and very desirable today.  When Barclay, Manoil, and TootsieToy started producing die cast/slush cast toys it was a trend that continues today with Matchbox and Hot Wheels. So, without further ado - Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina


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  2. Thanx for the kudos and the link Jake! To date I've only acquired a few toy guns, nearly all vintage, but there's probably a ton of collectors looking for that authentic modern style firearm.