Monday, August 17, 2015

BJ George - Oak Park Home

Today's offering from BJ George is this nice down-sized renditions of Skyline's classic tin-litho #M4 Oak Park Home. Here's a couple shots of the Skyline version which we posted here on Toys and Stuff back on November 19, 2012:

I spent about a week or so building a bunch of BJ's models and I admit to rushing through the builds in order to get them photographed and blog-ready. A better modeler than me (which is just about everybody) would have done a neater job but the photos will at least give you an indication of the finished product. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

Lest you think that a house as small as this must be a caricature here's a picture of an actual Cape Cod style house of the 1950s (this photo can be found on multiple websites so I don't know where to credit the original work)

Bernard Levey family in front of original Cape Cod

Depending on where in the country it was built, small houses like these would often times have basements which increased the potential living space. Back in Milwaukee I remember driving through some neighborhoods that were built just after the War (WWII that is). The houses there were designed specifically for GI's returning home and were meant to be 'beginner's' homes and those suckers were small, just like this Oak Park home.

BJ didn't draw in glue tabs so I simply added them in with a pen - they don't have to be perfect because they'll be covered up anyway.

As with all my paper builds, the insides are braced with stripwood

Some of BJ's models include people and here we have a family of five. Now all we need is a plot of land, the family car, and a swimming pool out back!


(don't forget to draw in the glue tabs!)

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