Saturday, April 29, 2017

Ertl 1/43 Scale Diecast 1930 Chevy Anheuser-Busch Delivery Truck

Just a quick post to highlight this nifty delivery truck from Ertl. This is one of many loose vehicles (no box) I have out in The Cave. Unfortunately years ago I had a fit of stupidity and tossed much of the original packaging for modern era die cast cars and trucks. Yeah, I know, I broke one of the big rules of collecting - keep the packaging. Oh well, what's done is done. The truck itself is intersting in that it represents a 1930 vinatge truck. 1930. That's during Prohibition which lasted from 1920 - 1933 so this little fella here wouldn't have been delivering beer? Okay, unless of course it was still in use after the repeal of the National prihibition Act :-) Anheuser-Busch was one of the few breweries to survive that tumultous period by selling such things as brewer's yeast, malt extract, ice cream, and Bevo (a nonalcoholic malt beverage), so perhaps it's hauling one of those! Anywho, it's a terrific looking vehicle, but sadly mine has a split right front tire. I have several diecast vehicles out there with this problem and one day I may actually get around to fixing them - or not - just too many other things to occupy my mind and time.  4 5/8" (11.74cm) L x 2 1/4" (5.71cm) H x 1 3/4" (4.44cm) W   Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

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