Sunday, April 30, 2017

Ideal No. I-788 Pick-up Truck with Mother-in-Law Seat

Here's a variation of a truck we've featured before here on Toys and Stuff, the Ideal I-788 Pick-up Truck. This one appears to have a mother-in-law seat with a cover in the back! Mother-in-law seats, also called rumble seats, were seen more on the backs of coupes or roadsters and were kind of built in to the trunk. To this day it's not unusual to see pick-up trucks with jerry-rigged seats in the back deck like that shown on today's toy. My sample has a hole in the deck cover but is otherwise in decent shape. Buying toys with small defects is a often times a way to save a few bucks on a purchase because so many people insist on pristine examples. Not me. If I can use it on the train layout a few bumps and bruises is fine with me. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

Apparently these Ideal pick-up trucks were a modification made by the Deluxe Game Company for one of their playsets. The 'cover' behind the rumble seat is meant to be a 'gas' tank the kids could fill with water. Now it looks as though I'll have to find one of those games the truck is referenced in

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