Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Train Time: 1928 Chicago & North Western Depot, Milwaukee, WI

The really nice thing about collecting things like magazine ads, postcards, stationary, and other forms of paper ephemera is that it doesn't necessarily have to take up a lot of space. I mean really, this post card takes up a lot less room than the tin-litho buildings that have been posted here on Toys & Stuff. I could store  a couple of hundred post cards in the same space as one or two buildings. And most of the time they're relatively inexpensive. I say this because should you decide to start collecting something, anything, space may be a big consideration and it's good showing you options. Today we have a post card from 1928 featuring the Chicago & Northwestern Depot at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was built in 1889-90 in the Romanesques style near the lake front - near the shores of Lake Michigan. It was near the east end terminus of St Paul Ave - just a few miles straight down the road from my house! St. Paul Ave was the street bordering the south end of my block. I had actually been to this depot at least a couple of times, but unfortunately my childhood memories are vague. The depot was torn down in 1968, against the protests of preservationists, to make way for a larger, more modern structure. Sad :-(  Anyway, we still have pictures of it. Enjoy!

Here the post card was scanned using different settings. The colors are brighter but there is a slight loss of detail in the shadow areas.