Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Marx 1975 Catalog - pgs 41 - 46

Today marks the final installment of the Marx 1975 catalog here on Toys & Stuff. The last pages are devoted to trains and it's a rather melancholy look at the remnants of a once great product line that defined the youth of many a boy for decades. In 1972 Louis Marx sold his company to Quaker Oats (who owned Fisher-Price) but they could not make a successful go at it. In 1975 Quaker closed the Erie and Girard plants and by 1976 sold the Marx brand to the British conglomerate of Dunbee-Crombie-Marx. Unfortunately times were rough and they collapsed in 1979. The last American Marx plant, located in Virginia, was closed in 1980.  A sad end to what was once the largest toy company on Earth. Enjoy these last pages!