Sunday, May 27, 2012

1995 Hallmark Batmobile

In my quest to collect every single Batmobile ever made - JUST KIDDING :-) (good grief, I wouldn't know where to put them all!) - I came across this terrific 1/43 scale Batmobile released in 1995 by Hallmark, maker of fine Christmas ornaments. The little eyelet where the ornament hook would fit into is plainly visible nestled between Batman and Robin. This version looks like the Superfriends Batmobile and is the same light blue color. While the wheels are static, being molded directly into the body, the figures of Batman and Robin are a terrific addition as they are missing in most Batmobile's on the market. I like how the two are sculpted - Batman intent on his driving and a curly haired Robin with arm on door and leaning forward as if the two are in hot pursuit of the Joker! If the hook is too distracting for you, take a needle nose plier and gently start twisting it out. I've done this with other ornaments and it works great. Enjoy!