Friday, May 25, 2012

McDonald's U.S. 1993 Fred & Bedrock Bowl-O-Rama

For the next few weeks here on Toys & Stuff we're going to feature what I believe was one of McDonald's most popular Kids Meal toy series - the "Flintstones" movie tie-ins from 1993. At the time, the movie was eagerly awaited because it finally brought the world's most favorite Stone Age Family to the big screen using real actors versus an animated film as had been done in 1966 with "The Man Called Flintstone". There were other Flintstone toys offered by McDonald's in different countries but the six toys in our series were sold here in the States. Each of the six was a different Bedrock building designed such that a portion of the wall would either open up or come off revealing a vehicle inside driven by one of the main characters. We'll start off by Fred's favorite hangout, the Bowl-O-Rama. Enjoy!

The bowling lane applique' is applied to the back wall so that it can be seen from the outside