Monday, June 25, 2012

Bandai Batt Op Train Station

I'm bein' lazy today. The family is sittin' in front of the boob tube watching football, I mean soccer, oh heck I mean the Euro2012 games. The match twixt England and Italy just got underway a few minutes ago. Sooooo, my attention is being divided 'tween blogging and TV. Won't tell ya who I'm rooting for though :-)

Up until now most of the tin-litho buildings featured on the blog have been fairly big. Today we bring you the small side of tin, a neat little train station from Bandai of Japan.  The building serves a dual purpose: a station of course for your toy train layout, but also as the power supply for the engines. Bandai had made a series of HO scale battery operated train sets and cleverly disguised the power source in one of several different station designs. The station is just long enough to accommodate two ‘D’ cell batteries. Wires leading from the station terminate in a track connector to provide power to the track. These photos were taken some time ago before I got into the habit of taking a gazillion shots of each toy so there's a limited amount of views - sorry. It’s a nice little piece of tin and definitely takes up practically no display room for those short on space. Enjoy!