Friday, June 29, 2012

McDonald's U.S. 1993 Translite

During the past five weeks Toys & Stuff has been featuring the 1993 McDonald's Happy Meal toys that were licensed tie-in to the popular 'The Flintstones' live action movie. What we have today is a translite used to advertise the toys in-house. A translite is a piece of glass or plastic lit from behind on which a photographic image has been produced. You'll notice translites used in nearly every fast food joint on the planet. However, there is a new technology taking their place - flat screen monitor displays. Now that the cost of flat screen monitors has gone down, I've noticed them replacing the traditional translite display boxes. It makes sense too, after all you no longer have to worry about a physical diplay being delivered on-time and in one piece or that the light(s) have burnt out in the display ultimately saving the company $$. I'd kinda like to have a translite box but there were actually too many sizes and I wouldn't have room for them anyway. Anyway, the sign is really cool - Enjoy!