Thursday, December 5, 2013

Weather Las Vegas Snow in the Mountain & Sunset & Bird's 5 December 2013

Hi Everybody ! I Took this First Picture in the Morning but i had it in the Morning Post and I checked again on my Pictures and this came up Snowing but the Thing is it was not snowing when I took the Picture well anyhow Enjoy it.There is one more picture I took of Sun & Cloud & Tree and that turned out the same Snow and it was not snowing when I Took Picture. I was confused but I have to say I like it and my Husband Liked So Everybody Enjoy it.I also had some Bird Pictures as well.I need to get more Bird Seed's so they come back.We got Sunset Pictures & Sheep Mt.Picture from this Afternoon it was all Day Cold.So Enjoy The Pictures Have a Wonderful Day From The Berg's

Here's an interesting animation provide by Google's Picassa Web Album program. It was done automatically as one it's 'Enhanced' photo features - kinda neat!

"Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow..."

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