Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Daiya (Japan) B-47 Bomber

Here's a terrific nifty '50s addition to the fleet, the Daiya B-47 Bomber from Japan. This is the third B-47 featured on Toys and Stuff. Back on 29 Feb 2012, a small Marx plastic version was posted and then on 14 Mar 2013 a nice large tin-litho B-47 from the Japanese firm of TN was featured. Today's great Hunk O' Tin is better proportioned and has more realistic detailing. The plane features the typical two-assembly construction with fuselage and removable wings. Hidden in the fuselage is another typical feature of the time - the sparkling mechanism. It measures 11 1/4" (28.6cm) L x 12 1/2" (31.8cm) wingspan x 3 1/2" (8.9cm) H. Enjoy!

Here it's shown with Air Force One from TN blogged a couple of weeks ago.

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