Thursday, December 19, 2013

Marx Spaceship #1

We've featured a lot of vintage spaceships this year on Toys and Stuff, and as I look at the fleet (both plastic and tin-litho) I guess the collection is winding down. There's still about a dozen or so out there it would be cool to add but some of it is so outrageously priced it may never find hangar space here at the compound. But that's okay because there's still much in the collection which hasn't been blogged yet - next year folks! But let's sort of end the year on a vintage high note with this set of four spaceships from Marx. This nifty '50s set was featured in the book "BLAST OFF! Rockets, Robots, Ray Guns, and Rarities from The Golden Age of Space Toys!" by S. Mark Young, Steve Duin, and Mark Richardson. The set consist of the:
- #1 Double-gun plane
- #2 Double fuselage ship,
- #3 "Clamshell" plane
- #4 A-wing plane

The number designation comes from the toys themselves as each ship has a number cast into the underside. I've seen these in copper, bronze, silver, and emerald green - very nice, muted, almost metallic colors. I do not believe they ever came in the bright gaudy colors often associated with '50s plastic toys

The first plane in our little mini-series is the "Double-gun" plane obviously called because of its dual cannons (ray guns?) which are often times broken off. The plane measures 4 1/2" (11.4cm) L x 4 3/4" (12.1cm) wingspan.


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