Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Space Guns - Kenner Pistol That Shoots Around The Corner

Here's an unusual gun from the 1960s, Kenner's Pistol That Shoots Around The Corner. Just in front of the muzzle was a pivoting deflector and when the lightweight plastic balls were shot they would hit the deflector and go either left or right. Clever, but I wonder how much range they actually had because hitting that deflector had to have dampening effect on the kinetic energy. Kenner also made a matching rifle with the same action and no doubt these were influenced by real life 'around the corner' designs tried by various countries. Unfortunately my pistol didn't come with the balls so I never got a chance to test it and not wanting to get into collecting guns I sold it a couple of years ago. The photos show a blue pistol and I have seen them in green, so it's a good assumption that they came in a variety of colors. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy of Moonbase Central

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