Sunday, December 8, 2013

Las Vegas NV Sheep Mt, Mt Charleston, Bird's & Pink Sky 1 Picture 8 December 2013

Hello Everybody! Got Photos from Sheep Mountain with allot of Bird's passing by the Mountains very fast.And early Morning Hour's the Sky was pink Color very Pretty Color.We got Mt. Charleston with Snow.We also have 1 Picture a Mt. by Old Nevada cant think of that Mountain right now but this Photo turned out Pretty Good because it is so far away.I Do Love those Color from This Mountain. Later I had allot of Bird's back in my Yard because we bought Bird Seed's and sure enough there came more and more Bird's got some Pretty Good Picture's and Like to share with Everybody So Enjoy the Picture's Have a Wonderful Day From The Berg's

Looking towards the Spring Mount Range

Now looking towards the Sheep Mountains

So fast, they're just a blur

Okay, more Spring Mountains, this time further south towards Red Rock Canyon

Further north towards Mount Charleston

Okay, we now have a name for this little guy: Black eyed junco (Oregon species)

Still don't know what these are yet

The Red Wing Blackbirds seem to be sticking around - must be the free food!

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