Saturday, August 20, 2016

Marx Marxville Accessories - Pt 19 Colonial House U.S. Production

It's been nearly a year since we had a 'Marxville Accessories' post. It was just after that last post on November 5th that we started having hard drive problems and I've been working at recovering files ever since. Fortunately many of my raw/unedited files were on another external hard drive which wasn't damaged but between everything goin' on around this nut house and just life in general I haven't been able to actually work on the old photos for awhile. 

Okay, that being said, the pics we're posting here were originally taken in 2010. These photos of the Colonial House were the best in a lot of about 100 photos which I had to sort through and then edit. I'll be going through this same process for the remainder of the Marx plastic accessories that need posting and it looks like I may need to re-take some photos - if I can ever get around to it.

This house was made both here in the States and in the Marx Canadian facilities. This U.S.-made kit comes in white walls with light blue or turquoise trim all in hard plastic. There are no other color combinations except the Canadian version which is dark blue walls with whit trim. The following accessories came with the kit (all hard plastic):

1 Sedan (various colors)
12 pieces of small board fence sections (white)
Outdoor furniture (all yellow)
  -Table w/umbrella
  -Side chair
  -Double side chair
  -Lounge chair

  -Man w/coat over arm
  -Woman w/child
  -Girl jumping rope
  -Boy skating

Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina



  1. Another splendid post as usual - and as always your subject matter is UNusual and intriguing. Thanks so much for the toy train village memories!

    Oh, and domyounhave the people?

    1. Many Thanx pEEgEE. Did you mean to say if I have photos of the people?