Saturday, August 27, 2016

Pyro Small Army Flatbed Truck w-Auto - OD HP

This is the blog's first look at one of Pyro's small sized U.S. Army vehicles from the early 1950's (not counting the barge we covered a few weeks back). This series appears to be largely support vehicles like flatbeds trucks, wreckers, road graders, etc. Pyro made another, larger, series in the sixties which were mostly combat type vehicles and if I ever get around to pulling out all my small sized Army stuff you'll see nice variety offered by toy makers back in the day. This flatbed tractor/trailer combo measures 5 1/2" (13.97cm) L overall, 1 3/8" (3.49cm) W x 1 3/8" (3.49cm) H. The cars that came with these are lettered 'DP7189' on the rear license plate and some had stars heat stamped on the roof. This car is unadorned and we'll post pics of it all by itself in nother post. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

Some comparison shots with the small tin litho truck we featured a short while ago as well as a Gilmark vehicle


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    1. Thank you! I have some more vehicles to the set that are waiting to get photographed but I don't know when I'll get around to it.