Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Thomas Toys U.S. Army Wrecker

Continuing our look at vintage Little Green Army Men vehicles we have this Thomas Toys wrecker in olive drab hard plastic. At 5 1/4" (13.33cm) L x  2 1/16" (5.23cm) W x 2" (5.08cm) H, it fits in nicely with the Payton and Auburn toys featured these past couple of weeks and is a well needed vehicle for a mechanized army. The sticker which reads "U.S. ARMY" is missing from one side of the truck but I s'pose that would be easy enough to replicate - if I ever have the energy to do it (all bets are off). Also, there is a metal clip in the bed of the wrecker which serves an unknown purpose. I've seen this clip on other Thomas Toys wreckers and pick-up trucks but have no clue what it's there for. Enjoy! Opa Fritz and Oma Bettina

There's a Payton troop carrier behind the wrecker but the two trucks are so well matched in size it's hard to tell

Ohhh, there we go. Here's a better shot of the two together

Functional enough to haul this Jeep back to the Motor Pool

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