Sunday, June 12, 2011

McDonald's 2011 Young Justice #2 Batman

As you know, Sunday's are reserved for the comics. Now, I don't take a literal translation on this and you probably won't actually see comics/comic books reviewed here - of course there could be exceptions at times. Instead, here's my take on the Sunday Comics Sunday feature of 'Toys & Stuff'. Growing up in the '50s I remember that the Sunday newspaper: 

A) was faithfully delivered
B) was really thick - man that was a big newspaper, and
C) part of what made it thick was the Comics section.

We always had to wait for Dad to finish the comics first. There were a few he still liked reading and he generally got that out of the way first. Sunday comics were always in color and there were some really cool story lines going on in many of them. One of those that come to mind was 'Prince Valiant'. This strip was art, pageantry, and beautiful panoramic scenes served up on a weekly basis - gorgeous. I digress. Sunday's were also for kicking back and chillin', often times watching cartoons, watching the myriad of westerns / detective / monster / sci-fi movies , and of course reading comic books. To take this train of thought further I simply take  the broad theme of 'comics' and loosely apply it to Toys & Stuff. so anything that has or had a tie-in to the Sunday comics, comic books, television cartoons, etc. is fair game.

Almost since the Blog's inception I've been highlighting Batman related toys on Sunday because somehow, without actually planning it, I've acquired a bunch of them. Every now and then I feature something else, like my version of The Flintstones town of Bedrock on my train layout, but sooner or else I'm gonna run out Batman stuff and we'll just have to move on. BUT for now we still have a couple of months worth of The Batman to cover. Last week was the start of McDonald's Happy Meals toys 'Young Justice' series based on the Cartoon Network television cartoon. The toys are copyright 2011 and there are eight figures in the set. Figure #1 was Robin riding his motorcycle and today we feature toy #2: Batman. Each of the toys in this series has some sort of special feature and by pressing the Batman logo on the front of Batman's uniform he raises his arms/cape. The arms do lock in place for a nice action pose as you'll see in the photos. These figures are fairly large being approximately 3" (7.6cm) to 4" (10.2cm) H, and Batman is 4" (10.2cm) H head to toe and taller with his arms raised. So without further ado h e e e e e r e ' s Batman!  Enjoy!