Sunday, June 19, 2011

McDonald's Young Justice #3 - Superboy

Today is Father's Day here Stateside - Happy Father's Day Dad's!

Before we begin today's installment of Sunday Comics Sunday, there's several blogs that I've discovered which you may enjoy. The first is 'Pop Culture Safari'. This blog has been around since, I believe, 2002 and is basically a daily digest of  "Cool comics, music, movies, TV and more". The reader is also provided with links to shopping sites were the various products highlighted can be purchased.

The second is 'Dial B For Blog'. This blog is more magazine than blog (the site owner calls it a 'blogazine' and for those of you who really enjoy comic books this is one you should check out. After some research, apparently the blog has stopped a couple of times and restarted but trust me, there is a lot of very worthwhile content to view. The blogs' layout resembles a comic book and the author is well versed in the comic book industry, lore, and machinations. 

The third is 'Dreams of Space' a blog concentrating on "non-fiction children's books about space flight from 1945-1975." Now here's the cool thing about this blog, it's not all books but rather anything printed - comics, magazines, brochures, etc, and I've found several awesome space cereal premiums that were offered back in the 1950s.

Links to these blogs can be found in the panel on the right side of this blog.

Now, on to today's toy. We've started the McDonald's Happy Meal 'Young Justice' series two weeks ago and continue today with the third toy in the series: Superboy, who stands at 3 3/4" (9.75cm) H. Each toy has some special feature and Superboy's feature is a light which shines just behind the 'S' crest on his chest. When you press the button on his back, the crest lights up and his right arm swings up in a punching motion. Several other figures in the series also feature an internal light. Let me tell ya sumthin' - these lights are nuthin' to brag about. They are dim at best - great for a darkened room but if you're a kid playing with these during the day they're practically meaningless. They're also a bear to photograph, especially for a novice like me. I'll post a picture of one of my attempts to give you an indication though. So Dad's, for today on Sunday Comics Sunday and Father's Day let's break out the comics and super hero toys, reminisce, or have fun with our kid's - it's our day!  Enjoy!

You can barely discern the light shining from behind the 'S' - it's not much brighter in person!