Monday, October 7, 2013

2013_10_07 Vegas Valley Big Sky Pics

Bettina and Shelly have been spending some time outdoors trying to capture the dramatic skies we've had today here in the Las Vegas Valley.

I couldn't paint a picture with colors as bright as these. Looks like Rainbow Sherbet

The Stratosphere spearing the clouds

A little visitor. We like these little fellas. We're not too crazy about the pigeons though :-)

The waxing crescent Moon about 6:42PM

The cloudy skies moved out for a tad but then started to come back taken about 7PM

Bettina let me get behind the camera and I actually took the photo below. Saturn is on the left. At least I think it is - that's where it's been all September and hasn't moved now that we're into October.

...and from Shelly, some really cool clouds.

I told her the following shots looked spooky - perfect for Halloween