Saturday, October 5, 2013

Vegas Valley Big Sky Pics aka Playing Catch-up

Bettina gently reminded me that I haven't posted any photos from her and Shelly for awhile and sure enough it's been just over two weeks since we've seen anything from them, so tonight let's look at what's been happening on the home front  in what is essentially a two-week photo diary. Enjoy!

Sep 17: Listen to the Mockingbird, listen to the Mockingbird....

The following video is two clips spliced into one. We love the song of this bird and Bettina was able to catch sight of the bird in the first clip, but she had a heck of a time spotting the bird in the second clip after it had flown to the other tree, however the song comes through nicely, even on a windy day:

Later that night a pretty good shot of the Moon

Sep 18: Another Moon shot by Bettina

Sep 18: Shelly gets in the act with her gumdrop Moons and beautiful sky pics:

Sep 21 about 6:30AM: An early morning Moon:

Followed by a bright, sunny day
Looking towards the Sheep Mountain Range

You could use this photo as a backdrop for an alien landscape

Looking towards Mount Charleston

Sep 22 about 8:30AM:

...and the birds are taking flight

Sep 23 about 7AM: We see less of the Moon every day.

every day Bettina takes photos of Saturn which lies in the Southwestern sky. Tonight the camera has given her some remarkable colors
here's how it appears to the naked eye

..and after zooming in and clicking the shutter at just the right moment

Even though it's blurry, it's still neat

Sep 24 about 6:30AM:

The FujiFilm camera has quite an extensive zoom. this bird is chillin' out at least several hundred yards from the house.

taken about 6:30AM

Sep 25 about 8:30AM

Sep 26: In this series of photos we see the changing face of the Moon during the course of about 2 hours

Love that Sun hitting the Sheep Mountains in the morning

Sep 27 about 8:15AM

An early riser - like us :-)

Sep 28 about 7:45AM:

Sep 29 about 10AM:

Later that evening Bettina catches two tourist helicopters buzzing the Stratosphere tower

Saturn in the night sky

Here's how bettina gets what we at home call the 'pizza' shots of Saturn. She starts by zooming in a little and clicking the shutter...

...zooms in some more and clicks. Sometimes the image is nice and round...

...sometimes not so

 But when she clicks it at just the right moment it ends up nice and round and, depending on how the camera feels that night, it could be in wondrous colors, or looking like a pizza

Sep 30 about 6:30AM

Two shots of Saturn taken within minutes of each other at about 7:11PM

Oct 1 just before 6AM

The Moon and Saturn aren't the only things to see in the night skies of Vegas

Oct 2 and bettina was up early to catch this view about 4:50AM. You can see the clouds floating past the Lunar orb

Up early and still had the energy to make home made butter!!

and this photo made the KTNV Channel 13 News that evening

Oct 3 about 6AM:

Later that morning we got a little visitor

Oct 4 - No Moon visible today, but later in the evening Jupiter was the bright spot in the eastern sky. The bright light in the lower left is the street light across the street. Above it is Jupiter at about 7:12PM

Bettina did the same trick with Jupiter that she's been doing with Saturn:

Oct 5 and the photo diary comes to a close until next time!