Saturday, November 20, 2010

AOME LOTR Gothmog on Warg

Today's Sci-Fi and Fantasy Saturday offering is another of Play Along Toys, Armies of Middle Earth (AOME) Lord of The Rings (LOTR) figures, 'Gothmog on Warg'.   As a side note, the very first issues in this series was made by Play Along Toys.  Later the name changed to Art Asylum Play Along Toys.  Now, quite frankly I don't know what sort of business machinations occurred to bring about the name change so we'll just let it go at that for now.  These were of course licensed products that were direct tie-in's to Peter Jackson's outstanding LOTR movie trilogy.  

Today we bring you one of the bad guys - Gothmog the Orc riding a Warg.  Gosh, I 'd love to have a Warg as a watchdog in my front yard!!  Especially during Election's - if that won't keep the pollsters away, nothing will!!! :-)  One of the things I've been remiss in is adding the additional details I know collector's like.  When I started to collect this series of figures I kept pretty good track of the progress and had gathered all the information into a Word document.  As time permits the previous AOME LOTR blog entries will be edited to reflect the additional data.  The toys were issued in 'Waves' and here's some more info for you:

Wave 7
Issued by: Art Asylum / Play Along Toys
Assortment: 48000
Item #: 48040
Issue Date: 2004
Issue Price: $7.99