Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kovap Garage

Folks, if you stick with the blog long enough, you'll see toys from all over the world! Today we have a nice two car tin-litho garage from the Czech Republic firm of Kovap.  This is a recent manufacture item and is still fairly readily available on eBay.  The basic design of the garage is fairly typical for Europe.  Generally speaking garages over there are just big enough to hold one or two cars - nothing else (no workshops, no laundry center, no voluminous space for overstuffed land yacht SUVs), with a single panel door of the type seen in these photos.  Now, you may ask, how do I know that?  Well, having lived in Europe for ten years gave me a fairly good impression of what it's like  :-)   Like many of the buildings which will appear in this blog, this toy is perfect for 3-rail O-gauge train layouts, and this one would look just as nice on an American style layout as it would on a European one.  Enjoy!